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Liquid CoQ10 with Vitamin E

Rapidly absorbed, superior bioavailability Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) supplement.

Our CoQ10 Product:

Built on our proprietary Ubisol-AquaTM technology, Ubisol-Q10 provides Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E in nano-micellar particles for superior bioavailability.

Ubisol-Q10 supports mitochondrial function, reduces the risk of oxidant damage in brain cells and has been demonstrated to support brain antioxidant defenses.

Because of the tiny size of nano-particles, Ubisol-Q10 allows CoQ10 to cross the blood- brain barrier providing powerful antioxidant protection exactly where it is needed.

Ubisol Q10 - Liquid

Ubisol Q10 - Liquid

Daily CoQ10 supplement with Vitamin E in fast- acting nano-micellar form.

15.2 FL OZ (450ml)
1 Tsp. (5 ml) X 3 - recommended daily dose. Consult healthcare practitioner.

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