(The science of small)

There’s not a lot of room in a cell.

The Nano Nutrient Story. Digestion, absorption and distribution of nutrients in the body is a complex business. Lipophilic or ‘fat-soluble’ vitamins and supplements have the toughest time, having to undergo a significant transformation through the stomach, small intestine, lymph system and liver to eventually be delivered in a cell-friendly format. All this digestion takes it’s toll on these fat-soluble compounds so only a fraction of what is ingested ever reaches its destination.

What Nature does, through digestion, is reduce the nutrients’ structures to their smallest, most useful forms. Once nano-sized, those normally only fat-soluble nutrients are rendered water soluble and can join the biology and chemistry of cell nutrition, move through the bloodstream, participate in a little osmosis or nutrient transport and enter cells throughout the body to do their good work.

Cell Nutrition

Nutrition - at the speed of nano.

Next Remedies mimics Mother Nature. Next Remedies products accelerate the nutrient delivery process and make it much more efficient by offering normally only fat soluble nutrients, already in their nano and nutritionally efficient form, in a tasty (bonus!) aqueous solution. With Next Remedies you can spritz, mix and drink your daily vitamins and supplements.

In short, we create highly bioavailable, nano-versions of fat soluble vitamins and supplements making it possible for them to be carried through the blood stream and reach their destinations in a fraction of the time the full digestive process would take.

Sounds simple but... The ability to create these nano-solutions of the nutrients our bodies need most, is only possible thanks to ground breaking research and patented, proven technology from the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada.

Introducing Ubisol-Aqua.™ Next Remedies is the exclusive licensee of Ubisol-Aqua technology and the only supplements company able to offer a complete line of vitamin and supplement liquids, drinks and sprays.

GRAS Status.  GRAS is a U.S. Food and Drug administration designation that stands for Generally Recognized as Safe. To earn GRAS status, a significant review of safety evidence is undertaken by the FDA. And, while it is rarely awarded in the supplements industry, ALL NEXT REMEDIES PRODUCTS ARE GRAS! So make use of our full line of superior products with the confidence that they are all of the highest standard.

Ubisol-Aqua benefits:

  • Efficient Nutrient Delivery. By enabling near-instant absorption our nano-micellar nutrients start entering the blood stream as soon as they hit the tongue.
  • A Little Goes a Long Way. Arriving in a highly bioavailable format, thereby avoiding much of the digestive process, there is less nutrient lost in the digestive process. This means you can get your full daily requirement while actually taking smaller doses.
  • This is Science, Not Assumption. Backed by NRC research and having earned GRAS status, Next Remedies supplements deliver.
  • There’s More to the (Science) Story. In a few short paragraphs one can’t fully describe the complexities of human digestion, but Next Remedies products deliver nutrients in a way that precisely mimics what the body does through digestion. By creating nano versions of nutrients, these small molecular structures are able to form into micelles – just like they would in the small intestine (with the help of bile from the liver). Micelles are amazing formations that hide the hydrophobic ends of fatty vitamins and expose only the hydrophilic ends creating a water soluble form.
  • Good Taste. Our great tasting drinks and sprays make Next Remedies Vitamins the best, easiest and most efficacious way to supplement your diet.
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